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United Assembly of Christian Churches

The Official Biographical Sketch of the Apostle  Adrian S. Weeks

Apostle Adrian S. Weeks is married to the Beautiful Dr. Kimara Weeks. Often referred

to as the "Preacher and the Prophet," they are quickly becoming one of the most

recognized Power Couples in Ministry.

Apostle serves as the Senior Pastor of the Historic St. Matthew Baptist Church of Alachua

Florida. A Church that has experienced tremendous growth spiritually, physically, and

financially since the arrival of the Apostle. St. Matthew is noted for its worship services

that are built on the foundations of traditionalism while ushering in a pentecostal flair that

gives way to the Holy Ghost.

Recently after days of praying and fasting the Lord entrusted Apostle with yet another

assignment, to reach across denominational lines and to unify the Body of Christ. The

Lord instructed His Manservant that this unification must start on the local level. With

that order the Apostle established the United Assembly of Christian Churches. the motto

of UACC is Empowering Communities through the Local Church.

The Apostle Serves as the Spiritual Father to many sons and daughters in both ministry

and business. He has counseled politicians, athletes and professionals from all walks of life.

He and his wife continue to live by their personal motto "Because of Jesus we always


Join the Apostle every week on Cox channels 15 and 21 for his the television broadcast

entitled Apostle Adrian Weeks Ministries. Also be sure to catch Apostle every morning at

7:30 am on WUBA 88.1 FM as he gives the Inspirational Message.

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